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Play at an Online Casino With Simple Sic Bo Strategy

Sic Bo is also known as Tai/Sai (Big/Small), and it is a well-known game among Chinese gamblers. As an online casino game that offers live-dealer, Sic Bo is becoming more popular. Sic Bo is similar to other casino games in that it offers many different house edge bets. Sic Bo strategies tend to focus on selecting low-house edge bets in order increase the chances of winning. Let’s look at a few strategies that Sic Bo players use online.

The casino’s advantage in ensuring a profit is called the house edge. This figure makes online gambling one of the most profitable industries. In order to minimize your chances of losing, you should stay away from bets with a high house advantage. Sic Bo has many options for bets. Because each bet is different, players can easily determine the correct one based the payout. But if this is your first time playing the game, it’s easier to know which bets give you more advantage 원화.

Three dices are used to play Sic Bo. The outcome can be changed from 3-18. The “Small” bet is won if the total falls between 4 and 10 except if all three dice show the same number. Similar to the “Small”, the “Big” wager wins when all three dices display the number between 4 and 10, except if they are the same number. Both “Small” bets and “Big” have a house edge (2.78%) and pay even money. Sic Bo tables can also place “Big” or “Small” bets. Similar to “Big”, and “Small”, the house edge for these betting areas is 2.78%. These bets lose if they are identical.

Even-money is the best betting area because they have the least house edge. That means players have the greatest chance to win if they bet in the even-money area. Sic Bo has a simple betting strategy: place your bets on even-money area such as “Big”, / “Small”, or Even//Odd to increase your winning chances by approximately 49 percent.

Know which bets have high house margins. “Two of a Kind”, is an example of such a bet. If you bet on 2 numbers at a time, and two of 3 dices come out with the same numbers as your bet, you win. The bet pays out at five to one with a 16.67% house edge, making it the most lucrative of all bets. If you’re not willing to take losses or have the ability to beat the house advantage, these bets should be avoided. Your chances of winning are very low. Avoid “Three to a type”, which pays 7 to 1, and has an 11.1% house edge.

Bets with high house edge tend to have higher payouts. These are the areas that most players lose money. This is why you should not gamble on high-paying areas, which have a high house edge.


Sic Bo, while a simple game with many bets that have different house advantages, is very rewarding. Sic Bo can be won easily by avoiding areas with high house edges, even if they offer high payouts.

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